Friday, March 4, 2011

Duke vs. Chocolates

     This morning I was checking my email before work.  Downstairs, I could hear the familiar boisterous crashing of Duke and his Rollover bone across the floor and carpet.  Since he isn't very smart, Duke attempts to throw the bone into various articles of furniture in an attempt to get the filling out.  It isn't a very effective strategy.
     None the less, it is Duke's strategy and I'm used to it.  I wasn't concerned until I heard rustling, crunching, and then silence.  Much like children, when the dogs are quiet, there's trouble.
     I went downstairs.  Duke was lying in the middle of the floor with something wedged between his two front paws.  The bone?  Could it be that he's finally taken a clue from Nuka and Nivek and learned to hold the bone between his two front feet and chew the filling out?  Absolutely not.
     What he did have between his two front feet were the remnants of a small wooden box a friend of mine gave me from the Bahamas.  This was a nuisance, but not that bad.  Resigned to the destruction, and more importantly, to Duke's inability to understand a reprimand therefore rendering it useless, I sighed loudly, and started to collect the various slivers of wood and red velvet lining from my carpet.
     When Duke destroys something, he really goes for it.  Little bits of wood were all over the place and mixed in with them little shiny, colourful speckles of something else, what was that, foil?  Oh yes, foil, that's right, because the little wooden box from the Bahamas cruise was full of chocolates.  Full no more!
     Now, I've had enough dogs to know better then to panic, but since he had just consumed the chocolates, I did wonder if a vet visit might be necessary.  A quick bit of research lead me to believe that there is no way he consumed enough chocolate to do him any real harm, but I'm on the alert for puking and diarrhea, yay!  Oh yeah, and colourful, shiny foil poops.

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  1. Fun post. I found you a Writer's Digest "What I blogged about today."