A self-proclaimed dork, I like reading and writing, and a little more reading and writing.  Fat books are my friends and I am currently learning to play the violin, because that's what I wanted for my birthday.
     I love music, and though I recently renounced television in the name of productivity, I love horror movies, dramas and anything with Orson Welles, who I would have gone out with even when he was old and fat.
Me, taking a picture of myself like a goof.
     In 2007 I graduated from the University of Western Ontario and by accident, ended up working with a bunch of dogs...then I ended up with a bunch of dogs...and that's where I am right now, busting my butt at work, writing about gargoyles and demons and being tackled to the ground by canines at least once a day.  For a more official biography, please visit my website,  You can also follow me on twitter if you are so inclined, @eemoxam.  If I like you, I'll follow you back.