The Players

     Nuka is a dog.  What kind of dog, no one can really say for sure, a German shepherd something.  Nuka has lived with us for just over two years after being abandoned behind a vet clinic, we can only assume for unruly behaviour. 
     The lead female role always goes to Nuka, and she will take it by force if necessary.  She likes things that squeak, balls, eating snow, tormenting cats and hates sirens with a passion that burns deep in her soul.


     Duke is a two year old Basset Hound, the first pure bred dog that has ever lived with us.  His previous family replaced him with a human baby, which seems very silly and unnecessary, but if they hadn't, then he wouldn't live here.
     Because of both his appearance and his personality, Duke is often typecast in a comic relief role.  Fortunately his laid back personality and natural inclination toward humour support this.  Duke loves food, attention and taking things from one place in the house and depositing them somewhere else just to mess with you.  He hates getting in trouble.


     Nivek has lived with us since 1998, and his true age and breed are as shrouded in mystery today as they were then.  By far the most experienced and best behaved of the group, Nivek often takes the role of wise elder, sharing knowledge gleaned from a life on the run and a year in animal shelters. 
     Well into his golden years, Nivek has slowed down, but is by no means out.  He loves eating, sleeping, and, well, that's about it these days.  Every so often, he still gets a burst of energy that lasts approximately five seconds which he usually uses to make a run at Nuka.  So far his attempts to take her down have been unsuccessful, but they remain hilarious.